Throw It In The Bay: The Cleveland Classic Driver


The retro-stylish Cleveland Classic driver seems to have been destined for eBay. At this present moment there appear to be 930 of them on the auction site. Is it a bad driver, or will garish looks and tech gimmickery always win out over classic style?

Ironically, real persimmon drivers — as opposed to faux-finish — have been found to perform as well as the latest high-tech ones.

2 Responses to “Throw It In The Bay: The Cleveland Classic Driver”

  1. Bob Says:

    I have owned the 301 tour and now the 290 (a better fit). It is actually a REALLY great driver…but the style might not be for everyone. Having said that, I LOVE the way it looks in my bag. Had a lot of compliments.

  2. GolfStyle Says:

    I got it for a lady friend a couple months ago and only recently gave it a whack. Hit it pretty well, even with a lady’s shaft. Did some more research and apparently it was well reviewed. So just ordered a full set: driver, 3 wood and hybrid. When it comes to the mental side of the game, style counts for something.

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