The Tiger Collar


In her fascinating study of male splendor through the ages, “The Peacock’s Tail,” costume historian Pearl Binder writes, “In all cultures and in all times the neck has been the focal point of masculine self-assertion.”

Recently we did a couple of posts on scarves, but for most of us a scarf on the golf course worn for style rather than warmth would be too affected.

In that case, consider the Tiger collar.

Lately Woods has a wear of wearing a polo shirt and crewneck sweater with great panache. Tiger lets the collar ride high in the back while tucked in the front, giving it the appearance of being draped around his neck, scarf-like.

Whether accidental or deliberate, Tiger shows that this tap-in-putt detail contains a monster drive of style.

Tiger Woods



And it’s certainly a lot cooler than wearing your collar this way:


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