The Hogan Dress Code: A Style Chat With Christo Garcia Of My Swing Evolution


 After two decades of golf, Christo Garcia decided to remake his swing based on that of Ben Hogan. He documented the process via a YouTube channel called My Swing Evolution, which soon gained a large following. Now Garcia is at work on a book entitled “The Hogan Code.”

Although he’ll often wear performance fabrics and baseball-style caps, Garcia often takes his clothing cues from Hogan as well. We recently asked him about his style choices and here’s what he had to say.

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GS: My Swing Evolution charts your journey of changing your golf swing from a modern one to one based on that of Ben Hogan. Along the way you began to take style cues from him as well. How did the clothing change come about?

CG: What started My Swing Evolution a few years ago was my trusty Flip video camera. The first thing I noticed was my swing looked awful, but the next thing I noticed was my wardrobe was not helping much, either. Cargo pants, and most shorts are a big no-no! As I started experimenting with different looks, I realized the classical swing wasn’t the only thing I liked about Ben Hogan. I also loved the way he dressed as well. Hogan was notorious for being very particular about how he presented himself, insisting on only the finest clothes that money could buy. I can go along with that because the clothes make the man.

GS: Describe a typical classic-inspired golf outfit. What kind of pants, shirts, shoes and sweaters and cap do you wear?

CG: Although I sometimes wear a baseball-style cap, I prefer the Hogan-style Ivy caps more. There is just something special about the shape of the cap in regards to the overall aesthetic I like to portray, and it hearkens back to the British Isles, where the game was born. I don’t really care for most of the “ice cream suits” that most pros wear today, nor do I like wild patterns and neon highlights. I think that you should be able to take your look off the course to a fine dining establishment and not look out of place.

I usually start with my pants, which I like to be pleated with cuffs. Next I’ll choose a shirt that I think will go well with my belt and shoes. And, finally I’ll add a sweater for that special touch if it’s cool. I don’t like the trend towards sneaker-type golf shoes. I much prefer shoes from classic lines like Allen Edmonds, which has many wingtip and saddle varieties in premium leathers.

GS: Do you get kidded much by fellow golfers who don’t know who you are, and see you swinging like Ben Hogan, dressed like him, and perhaps even playing his clubs?

CG: I do get some stares when I walk onto the golf course, but those usually go away or even get more intense as soon as I start hitting golf balls. Since I’ve rebuilt my golf swing, I get a lot of respect for the game that I play, which is smooth and powerful. The clothes only reinforce the image. I’ve only gotten encouragement when someone spies my Hogan Apex or Apex IIs I often play. Those clubs sparkle and say something about the level of ballstriker you are.  he funniest thing is when someone realizes they’ve seen my golf channel. I had a starter comp a round for three of my friends and me. When I walked up he said, “It’s really you!”

GS: You’ve been critical of some modern swing theory and mechanics. What do you think of the way both amateurs and professionals dress on the course?

CG: Although there are many ways to hit the golf ball, some ways are invariably better than others. I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying to find a better way, but I don’t think you can get much better than Ben Hogan. And with the advent of the Internet and Trackman, we now know many of things golf teachers have been teaching for years has been flat-out wrong. The same thing applies to clothes. You can try something new, sure, but at the end of the day if you wear something that you are going to look silly in five years from now, go back to the classics. A pair of nice slacks and a cotton shirt with a beautiful leather belt and matching shoes will always look timeless on the course.

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  1. Rick rivera Says:

    Enjoyed meeting you today and watching your videos this evening

  2. Clarence Martin, Jr Says:

    Hi, I am a golf nut and admire all you are doing for golf. You are the best thing I ever came across. I am interested in all you have to offer. I am an accordion builder in south Louisiana. I have played many rounds of golf at PGA West. I am 75 and have many isures with my body, but you have brought life back in me.
    Thanks you,

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