The Green Shirt

KPM Men's Green Polo_Front

You may not be able to get your own green jacket from the Augusta National Golf Club (check out some fun facts about the famous blazer), but there’s always the option of a shirt.

The example above is rendered in a shade called “putting green” and is made by KP MacLane, a relatively new brand specializing in luxury polo shirts priced at $175. According to co-founder Katherine Petty MacLane, the shirts “combine exceptional craftsmanship with the best raw materials in the world.” The fabric is custom-dyed in France, while manufacturing is done in New York, including “bespoke details, such as a single-needle stitch to create the placket, the collar and the collar stand.”

The shirts come in a moderately tailored fit, certainly not tight, and — to great feedback — come logo-free.

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