Study Reports Millennials Say Dressing Up Part Of Golf’s Appeal


Hack Golf, of which I’m pleased to be a contributor, was born of the frightening demographic studies revealing that golf has dropped some 30 percent over the past decade among people aged 18-34.

But there is hope, at least on the style front. A new study by Golf Digest found that those of the millennial generation are less likely to wear jeans or cargo shorts to the course, and actually consider dressing up to be part of the ritual of golf.

Reporting on the study on May 1, the New York Times writes:

While 29 percent of golfers older that 55 said they wore jeans or denim on the course, only 13 percent of golfers 18-34 did the same. The younger golfers also were more likely to be against wearing cargo shorts on the course. Dressing up is part of golf’s appeal, millennials said.

Of course, so apparently is golfing while stoned. Eleven percent of millennials admitted to smoking marijuana on the course, compared to just one percent of those 55 and older.

Pictured above, in case you’re 55 or older, is pop star Justin Timberlake.

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