Saddle Up At Brooks Brothers


Brown-and-white saddle shoe, $345 at Brooks Brothers.

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  1. Vern Trotter Says:

    Since nearly all the clubs have banned metal spikes, you do not see the fine quality golf shoe that you used to be able to find fairly easily. The sneaker style golf shoe that most wear now looks dreadful. This one from Brooks looks good enough for any style you’ll see out there today.

    Boyds in St. Louis, long gone, used to sell a leather oxford style shoe, called Threadneedle Street, made by International Shoe Company, that could easily be converted into the best golf shoe money could buy. Golf shoes, with real metal spikes, are also good to wear behind your power lawn mower to aerate your lawn and also prevent your foot from slipping into the blade.

    CC–Great new site! Best of luck.

  2. Rick Prince Says:

    Read your article in today’s Wall Street Journal- couldn’t agree more. Looking forward to visiting your site frequently.I am a 65 year old straight male (6’1″, 190) who has 8 wool/alpaca Arnold Palmer vintage cardigan sweaters, 9 Pringle all wool sweaters, 13 pairs of expensive golf shoes, and 21 pairs of golf specific pants (two shades of pink), and two pairs of knickers. Too many cotton lisle and mercerized cotton golf shirts to count (long and short sleeved.) All are in impeccable condition. The shame of it all is that I played fewer than 5 rounds of golf last year. But my closet looks fantastic.

  3. Seamus McDuff Says:

    I am quite jealous! I am a 43 year old straight male and, while my closet is not as extensive as yours, I do enjoy my 6 pair of classic style golf shoes and various pants / sweaters. When I wear a cardigan, I often get teased by other golfers calling me “Bing”. I can’t tell you how flattered I am when it happens!

    Good luck with this website, I look forward to reading it!

  4. GolfStyle Says:

    Send me one of your “Bing” shots!

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