Matchy-Matchy’s Inevitable Conclusion: Looking Like A Teenage Girl


One more post on matchy-matchy and then we’ll leave the topic alone for a while — while it no doubt worsens.

On Sunday I watched Lexi Thompson at Kingsmill and noted that she had matching down to a science. Similar to the outfit above, she’d paired a white shirt with powder blue visor, skirt, shoes, glove and golf bag. I think even her driver head and grip were of the same shade.

So let this be the final warning to all those who would foolishly take the wrong turn at that sartorial fork in the road and follow the path of matchy-matchy. The final destination is that you will end up looking like a teenage girl.

(In other news, my WSJ piece makes it to a site called Hot Air where I’m told to get a life.)

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