Crying Fowl: Welcome To Golf Style And The War Against Matchy-Matchy


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4 Responses to “Crying Fowl: Welcome To Golf Style And The War Against Matchy-Matchy”

  1. GolfStyle Says:

    Tee off in the comments section!

  2. Nick Willard Says:

    I look forward to reading about Fair Isle sweaters, plus-fours, and Mashie Niblicks. Congratulations, Christian, on the latest addition to your ever-burgeoning media empire.

  3. Chad Says:

    Just came across your new site. Love the concept and look forward to the discussion. I stand in agreement with your basic premise that the golf community in general has veered too far away from the classic styles of this great game. And that is accentuated by far too many touring professionals. In the effort to “stand out”, some of them have fallen into an almost comical style. So thank you for this effort and I look forward to seeing the support you receive.

  4. GolfStyle Says:

    What a great comment, Chad! Alas I’m afraid it’s a losing battle, but I’m confident we can create a little community here that functions as an alternative. Perhaps even golf’s historical conscience!

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