Birdie, Eagle, Duck? The Return Of The Duck Head Brand


If you were around in the ’80s, especially the in the South, you probably remember the Duck Head brand, which made an inexpensive pair of khakis popular on college campuses.

Before fizzling out in a tailspin, the brand made a golf collection that exemplified all that was worst in 1990s golf clothing, including garish designs and sleeves that went past the elbows.

Today the brand is announcing a relaunch under new owners eager to milk the heritage trend in men’s apparel. No idea if there will be a golf-specific collection in the resuscitated brand’s future, but it will offer clothing perfectly suitable for the golf course, including polo shirts and domestically manufactured khakis with the familiar mallard duck label on the rear.

For a history of the brand (whose origins go back to the Civil War), how it became an ’80s preppy staple, and more on the relaunch, head over to where associate editor Christopher Sharp gives you the full scoop.

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