Ben A Long Time: The Return Of The Hogan Brand


Today Golf WRX reports on the return of the Ben Hogan brand, which made top-notch equipment for decades before disappearing nearly 10 years ago.

Images of Hogan are sure to be part of the relaunched brand’s marketing efforts, and perhaps the great ballstriker can reassert a style influence. The above outfit features a great formula for mixing light and dark in a natty way. Note light colored sweater and hat with dark shirt.

Here’s how to do it. White cap from Club Hats:


Brooks Brothers Country Club sweater, regularly $398, on sale for $119:


Tourney Golf Shirt in navy by Southern Proper, via Country Club Prep, $75:


Cocona CB DryTec Luxe Flat Front Trouser by Cutter & Buck, $90:


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