Balancing Light And Dark


Shortly after I first got interested in clothing as a young man, I realized I had a pretty strict personal rule about balancing light and dark. Part of the reason TV talking heads look so bad is because they wear dark suits with white shirts, and then throw in a random, brightly colored tie. But with such a formula I always feel that the tie should be equally as dark as the suit.

One golfing legend who knew how to contrast and balance light and dark was Ben Hogan. Recently I read the classic “Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book” and found this passage:

Hogan dressed in light and dark and always looked good in photographs.

The opposite of skillfully balancing light and dark is tipping the scale entirely to one side, as seen in the all-white and all-black outfits below.

southafrican_darrenfichardt philmickelson_crouchLarge

In golf you need to combine a long game and a short game, just as you need to combine light-colored clothing with dark.

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