Arnie Style


Kudos to the Golf Channel for its fantastic biography on Arnold Palmer that ran earlier this week, the station’s most-watched original film.

Now grab some easy Arnie style without having to adopt a helicopter finish. Below, “The Player’s Shirt,” by Criquet, priced at $75:


And from Polo Golf, yellow pants, $85:


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  1. Vern Trotter Says:

    I took up the game in the early 60s during the heyday of Arnie’s Army. He was the first to not wear a hat/cap, that I remember, and I did not either. Big mistake. The scalp should not be subjected to the sun for hours on end. Now on nearly every dermatologists visit something has to be removed from that area. Also I have had skin cancer removed from my ear, nose and other areas.

    It was also the era of JFK going hatless, the beginning of the end for most hat makers. Arnie was responsible, more than any other, for the popularity of golf, in my opinion.

  2. GolfStyle Says:

    My father’s been going through all that for years.

  3. Hobson Says:

    Love the pairing and what a great pic of Arnie.


    Hobson Brown
    Co-founder, Criquet

  4. Golf Style » Blog Archive » Home-Grown Style: An Interview With Bill Thomas Of Bills Khakis Says:

    […] durable and colorfast, too. The perfect golf shirt as is! Which reminds me of your recent post on Arnold Palmer wearing a navy polo with yellow poplin pants. Awesome photograph. You can pull this look together quickly with our poplin pants and a Supima […]

  5. BruceH Says:

    Players not wearing hats were prevelant long before Palmer. Check out pictures of Walter hagen, Bobby Jones, etc. The common place wearing of caps/hats has to do with 2 things. The awarness of protection for the face and head but most importantly PRODUCT PLACEMENT!

    One of the first pioneers of the this method of advertisement was 1975 U.S. Open winner Lou Graham who wore a cap with Amana on the front. I think he got a free refrigerator for his efforts.

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