Andover Shop Style


Patchwork shorts made from shirting material, $225 from The Andover Shop, the longstanding haberdashery in Harvard Square.

I’ve been fortunate to befriend the legendary owner Charlie Davidson, who’s about 86 now and still works every day. When I told him I’d gone crazy for golf, sure enough he’d played for most of his life, all the way up to age 80. He said when he’d finish a round and someone would ask his score, he said, “I shot a two.” They’d say, “Huh?” and he’d reply, “I made two good shots.”

I picked up this ball on eBay; wish I had an unlimited supply to play with:


Currently on eBay are these vintage blazer buttons:

andover buttons

The Andover Shop debuted the Lacoste shirt in 1958. This ad ran in the school paper of the Phillips Academy prep school. Oddly enough, it shows a golfer, not a tennis player.


Historical precedent aside, I still stand against buttoning the top button.

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