Adam Scott And The Concept Of Dressing Par


Part of being well dressed is having originality and flair. But those qualities are nothing without restraint. Which is why another part of being well dressed is the avoidance of mistakes.

Think of it as dressing par. You may not be making dazzling sartorial birdies, but you’re not making garish double bogeys either.

Adam Scott is a master of understated par dressing. He rarely wears bright colors, and when you’re that good looking (Cary Grant comes to mind), why bother? Scott is almost always in neutral shades of white, tan, gray and navy, with a little flair from the striped belts he often wears. Understated outfits with stylish belts is another one of my favorite warm-weather formulas, both on the course and off.

Compare Scott’s outfit from yesterday (pictured above) with the tomato-and-grape combo below, a stylistic four-putt if ever there was one.

Photos from; click here to see all the shots from the US Open’s second round.


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  1. GolfStyle Says:

    Wouldn’t you know he ends up wearing red today.

    That’s golf…

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