golfbio2 was founded in April 2014 by Christian Chensvold, the only known native Californian to move to New York on the 10th hole of life and discover golf. He hit his first ball — and continues to practice and receive coaching — on the third-floor simulator at Brooks Brothers in Midtown Manhattan.

A freelance writer focused on men’s lifestyle topics with a nod to the past, Chensvold’s work has appeared in L’Uomo Vogue, Robb Report, The LA Times Magazine, The Huffington Post, Yahoo!,, and many other publications. He is a contributing editor at The Rake, the elegant men’s magazine out of Singapore, and is a regular writer for Ralph Lauren Magazine.

Chensvold is also a serial blogger with a string of projects under the loose umbrella Stickpin Media, which he established in 2004. He has founded two of the most entertaining and erudite menswear sites on the web:, now alas largely dormant, and, which thrives. The sites have featured dozens of contributors and garnered press in publications around the world. Chensvold also founded, which covered opera, ballet and classical music in Los Angeles, before divesting the property., Chensvold’s fourth site, aims to combine his new golf obsession with a lifelong interest in style and the history of men’s clothing. The site’s editorial point-of-view advocates classic taste with a contemporary sensibility, and is unapologetically censorious of the matchy-matchy, performance-fabric athletic-wear look prevalent in professional golf today.

Chensvold plays a Bridgestone J36 combo iron set, Cleveland Classic driver, woods and hybrid, and Cleveland 588 Forged Black Pearl wedges. He enjoys golfing without a cap and occasionally busting out the brown-and-white wingtips.

Finally, Chensvold became a contributor to the Hack Golf initiative following the publication of his essay “Whoever said golf was supposed to be fun?” in the Wall Street Journal.