The Footwear Hybrid


Part trendy colorful sneaker, part traditional golf shoe. From Ashworth.

Ah, but file it under Birdies or Bogeys?

Schlepping The Course With Schweppes

schweppes golf

After a long hiatus I’m back, and looking rather like Commander Whitehead of the famous Schweppes ad campaign.

The commander was a genuine veteran of the Royal Navy and was an executive at Schweppes. He oozed mojo through his luxuriant beard at a time when they were highly unfashionable. The campaign was headed by “Mad Men” inspiration David Ogilvy, and Whitehead was a kind of “world’s most interesting man” long before that campaign launched.

He looks like he’d be fun to play with. And no about what he’d be drinking at the 19th hole.

Bad Taste In Golf, Email Edition


This is uglier than a shank.

On Hiatus


Golf Style is on hiatus until November while I work on a book project. The good news is that it’s on golf and style. Stay tuned.

JFK Style

Wonder how old he was at the time. And that’s one casual outfit.

Balancing Light And Dark


Shortly after I first got interested in clothing as a young man, I realized I had a pretty strict personal rule about balancing light and dark. Part of the reason TV talking heads look so bad is because they wear dark suits with white shirts, and then throw in a random, brightly colored tie. But with such a formula I always feel that the tie should be equally as dark as the suit.

One golfing legend who knew how to contrast and balance light and dark was Ben Hogan. Recently I read the classic “Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book” and found this passage:

Hogan dressed in light and dark and always looked good in photographs.

The opposite of skillfully balancing light and dark is tipping the scale entirely to one side, as seen in the all-white and all-black outfits below.

southafrican_darrenfichardt philmickelson_crouchLarge

In golf you need to combine a long game and a short game, just as you need to combine light-colored clothing with dark.

Mambo Golf: Devereux’s Fall/Winter Collection Channels Midcentury Miami


Devereux has just debuted its fall/winter collection, which draws on a a specific time and place for its inspiration. Writes the company in a press release:

Inspiration for this collection comes from Miami in the 1950s and 1960s. Our vision was to capture the mood through design. Lush evergreen and cool navy depict the fun-loving beach and resort life, while the deep claret and monochromatic color scheme embark on the dark mood of Miami nights during that time period. The design aesthetic re-introduces the elegant form of outfitting in that specific time and place.

The Proper Collection was created for golfers and travelers. Whether they’re in New York City, Miami or Los Angeles, the Proper Collection has garments for each culture. Designed to easily transcend from on-course to off-course or from city to city, this collection offers proper threads – whatever the occasion.

Check out the full collection at (more…)